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  China HPC Technology Co., Ltd.(CHPC)

CHPC, located in Shanghai China, is a professional HPC application solutions and services provider, dedicated to providing innovative HPC solutions and professional IT services to technically innovative customers to enable them the innovation capabilities on scientific research and production.

CHPC is a leading company in HPC(High Performance Computing) and data management, and has partnered with many leading IT venders such as SGI, HP, EMC Isilon, DDN, Huawei, etc. We sell a broad line of mid-range and high-end computing servers, data storage and software which enables customers to meet their computing and storage requirements at a lower total cost of ownership and provides them greater flexibility and scalability.

CHPC is focused on helping customers solve their most demanding technology challenges by delivering: HPC Solutions, High Performance Storage solutions, innovative software and professional services. Our solutions are based on the leading-edge technologies such as SGI NUMAlink share-memory architecture, Intel X86-64 processor, DDN, Huawei, etc.

CHPC’s solutions and services are widely used by the scientific, technical and business communities to solve challenging data-intensive computing, complex data management and mission-critical problems. The vertical markets we serve include the academic and education, weather and climate, astronomy, life sciences, energy, aerospace, architecture design, and business intelligence. Specific system applications within our targeted markets include simulating climate changes, accelerating drug discovery, supporting polar research activities, assisting astrophysics simulation and gaining business intelligence through data-mining.



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